Sunday, January 26, 2014

Supersonic Diane Webber

What an outfit!
Diane the beautiful
Nude or not
As pretty as Ingrid Bergman
And with the iconic bust
Her supersonic breasts
Lovely in or out of conical bras

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Pensive Diane

An interesting early photo, where Diane looks pensive, a
little tired (long photo shoot?), still evocative and beautiful.
Her breasts are, well, perfection as always....

Topless Mermaid

On the set with Diane Webber, the loveliest sea siren in
history, for the 1962 film The Mermaids of Tiburon (see below).
Fortunately for viewers, these are mostly topless mermaids.

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On The Beach

A rare shot of Diane Webber on the wet sands...

Was See-Through Ever Better?

Beautiful Diane Webber in see-through wear,
for an early pictorial.